Psychometrical In-Baskets and Tests

eLearning for in-basket exercises

New service at Psychometrical.Com: eLearning for in-basket exercises is now online! There is an e-learning course for each of our in baskets.  All courses are quite easy and take less than an hour to complete. Taking a course will help you …

eLearning for in-basket exercises is the easy flexible fast professional smart way to do a course.

  • Courses take less than an hour to complete. For experienced consultants, this may be half an hour.
  • You can start, stop and restart a course whenever you want
  • You can do a course on any device, or several devices.

*) To take a course you need to subscribe on 

  • Subscribe with your email adress and password
  • Enter a vouchercode.

No vouchercode yet? Your company can order the vouchercodes and provide you with a code.

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