Psychometrical In-Baskets and Tests

About US

We started automating assessment centers and in-baskets in the MS DOS days. Each year thousands of people worldwide take part in one of our inbaskets.

Who We Are

Psychometrical.Com is a partnership of CONSTRUCT and Scharley & Partner. Service providers for online assessment centers.

What We Do

Help all our customers and users with the application assessment centers. Online assessments is reliable, valid and cost-efficient.

For Whom

We have a long list of clients: government agencies, banks, airlines, consultancy firms. Let us know if you need a specific reference.

Work with us because?

People have a wealth of talent. We have one goal: to help clients looking for talent and develop talent. Often we put talent in and sometimes we’re still looking or are we still a good place for it. It is our opinion distinguishing talent to appeal to people on their talent and placing talent. That may be about yourself, your clients or your employees.

Psychometrical.Com stands for observing talent and finding talent. To find talent we need to know what drives a person, where he does the best work and how he learns in the most easy way. You can contact us for assessment centers, simulations, tests, and coaching. All this to get clear insights in what place your employee or client does the best job.

Psychometrical.Com stands for talent deployment. The right training, the best place and the best job, this involves more than knowledge and skills. It’s about talent. In what job does a person feel at home? When does someone get the most out himself? With our career coaching, training, and workshops you will find out if your employee or client , works at the right job. Or what the right job looks like.

Psychometrical.Com means: to develop talent. Do you want to change behavior, innovate, or learn something? Then you want o do this the right way, and get the most beautiful result. Sometimes you notice that change happens by itself while there are other moments where nothing seems to change. In our view, this depends on the choices you made beforehand. With our advice, workshops and training, we will help you on your way.

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