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Assessment Center Consulting

Psychometrical and its partners advise companies and organizations on assessment centers. This means that we design assessment centers for customers that exactly fit a question or a given position. These are examples of topics we advise on:

Tailor-made vs ready-made

You decide on your assessment centers. Objectives, time and capacity play a role in this. We recommend never to buy “off the rack”. That would mean that the same assessment center is suitable for the selection of all people for all jobs. Not.
There are two great alternatives:

You can opt for Ready-Made assessment: You discuss with us what the position entails and what critical competencies are. 

We help you with the analysis of critical competencies.
We then put together an assessment center that matches your budgets and your number of vacancies. Then you make very informed choices and then you have an optimal assessment center.

You can opt for tailor-made assessment. You consider it necessary to have an assessment center. You take the time to analyze the functions with us. You then know which results and which competencies are critical. The exact measurement of the competencies of candidates provides the most valid assessment center. If you have the options and the numbers, you can have assessment exercises made to measure. These are assessment exercises with situations and activities that occur in the position itself. All in all, you are going for a bespoke assessment.

In many cases, customers opt for a mix: an assessment center consisting of tailor-made exercises and well-chosen tests and questionnaires.


Together with our partners, we provide advice to various international organizations and companies: Ministries, Banks, Airlines and much more. If desired, we provide references with name and surname.

Below a number of example projects:

For a large international bank we designed a system that provides fully automated career and development advice. We then automated this system for them. Result: a 100% online and automatic career and development advice.

For an international sporting goods company, we did a job analysis for the team leads. Based on this, we designed a ready-made assessment.

We designed a database with good, valid interview questions for a ministry. The existing recruitment and selection process was improved with these questions.

We have developed fully customized assessment exercises for several clients. For example, an online inbasket to assess management skills.

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You are more than welcome to ask us any question. Whether it is about assessment center design, exercises, training or research, we will answer you quickly and clearly. 

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