Psychometrical In-Baskets and Tests

online assessment center

Leadership positions have a high impact on  your teams and organization 

When screening any candidate for a leadership position, you know that interviews and resumes are just not enough. You need more certainty, so you want accurate assessments. With an online assessment center you’ll know much more about a candidate’s practical skills and real behavior. When making HR-decisions, a second opinion can be very effective and have a high ROI. Our online assessment centers are meant for that:
  1. You get  valuable information about real management behavior
  2. You get reliable assessments of management skills and dimensions that are hard to assess in interviews.
Our online assessment techniques are fast and cheap. We can offer you a reliable online assessment center today or tomorrow! Just ask us for more information about online assessment centers or a quote. CONSTRUCT designs online assessment centers and delivers assessment reports for your employment decisions:
  • recruitment and selection
  • feedback and development
  • performance management and assessment.
You can do an online assessment center anytime. Just contact us.