Psychometrical In-Baskets and Tests

360 feedback

You need to discern competencies and skills. Carefully collecting information and gathering  feedback is the right starting point for talent development. 360 ° feedback is a starting point and gives you more grip than assessment centers and reviews. The 360 ​​° process is effective and valid and provides multiple perspectives. The instrument:
  • answers important questions like: How am I doing? and How do they see me?
  • is the starting point for development
  • allows you to determine development needs.
We offer 360 degrees in many forms:
  • 100%  digital 360 surveys on customized competencies and skills
  • 360 paper techniques
  • 360 surveys for teachers
  • 360 Motivational Styles Survey
* Our digital technology is used by various multinational companies (BMW, BASF, DB). Security is of the utmost importance for them.