Psychometrical In-Baskets and Tests

the way we do online assessment

It’s about credible and reliable assessment center techniques

Do you need to deliver accurate advice and employment decisions when it comes to selection, promotion and HR development? Discerning talent and deploying talent is all about technique and credible results. The ideal assessment center helps participants to fully  concentrate .  Reliable results ask for credible assessment center techniques. The best exercises are those that feel real to your candidates. That is why we create complete assessment “day in the life platforms”. This means that in our assessment centers:
  • the scenario/context is the same during all simulations and role plays
  • the candidate has the same job in all our (online) simulations and role plays
  • our role plays have the context as our online simulations.
An assessment center is a set of simulations or exercises. For example:
  • An online in basket*
  • A fact finding exercise
  • A phone call to a customer
  • An interview.
In our online assessment centers we create a day-in-the-life simulation. Depending on your needs we will change the variables:
  • a small company vs a large organization
  • executive management vs first level management.
*) popular in baskets are: Lakeview, for the assessment of planning skills (for teamleaders and supervisors) Highlight, for the assessment of management performanc  (for mid level management) Utopia, for the assessment of strategy execution (for top level management and staff specialists).