Psychometrical In-Baskets and Tests

Psychometric testing

Motivation questionnaires are our passion. Our customers evaluate candidates with our iMotiv motivational questionnaire. Its quite effective for pre-screening, matching and selection. Our RIASEC test is used for career testing: a simple way to find professions and careers. Do try our career-test here.   RIASEC occupational interest The most widely used test interest is the so-called Riasec test. (model of Holland). This test is here. Our RIASEC test can also be used to search for suitable occupations. Have a look on iMotiv for motives and values An extensive questionnaire for drives and motivation. Extrinsic motives and intrinsic motives. In the workplace and beyond. This test measures a number of drives. The underlying factor structure and norms are well researched. After a survey on more than 2000 participants  major clusters have been found. The report assesses drives separately and on 7 clusters. Effective pre-screening Our questionnaires are valid psychometric tools. They are reliable and predict occupational succes. In a recent study on 700 participants iMotiv was able to select the right candidates for management positions.