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Talent is all about what is and what could be. The right psychometric talent tests and the right feedback will help you discover both. Modern online tests can inspire you to explore talent.


We help people with self-insight. Our free career test inspires to explore your interests and matching careers. You are welcome to try this one yourself.

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Aptitude tests are still powerful screening tools. All of our tests can be done online. We offer a number of tests for the measurement of logical reasoning.  With our battery of tests, we can assess different aptitudes like numerical reasoning or verbal reasoning.  Different languages are available. A single test is completed within 15 minutes.

For personality, we use an adaptive, behavior-based, questionnaire. It will provide you with information on different management dimensions. The basic questionnaire has 18 scales. The management questionnaire is adjusted for middle management and senior management roles. Completion of our personality questionnaire takes 15-20  minutes.

Talent development requires motivation analysis. For talent development, we offer a values questionnaire. Employee motivation predicts cultural fit and should correlate with the professional role. Completion of our values questionnaire takes 15 minutes.