Highlight, in-basket for assessing management performance

In baskets are great tools for assessing these planning and organizing skills. The Highlight online in-basket is our finest in-basket technique to assess management performance. Highlight assesses much more than leadership competencies. It measures if your candidate is getting things done. It is a reliable way to assess the way in which a candidate is:

You will find these performance indicators on page one of the Highlight assessment report.

what is an online in-basket?

Our in basket HIGHLIGHT combines the reliability of an in-basket with the objectivity of online assessment and processing. In 60 minutes a participant is offered a wide range of tasks and over 230 decisions or options. In seconds the results are scored and analyzed. First of all, you will get feedback on participants’ results and effective performance, like efficiency, team leadership, and customer relations. Second, you will have a report on a large number of criteria:

Strengths of in-basket Highlight

The Highlight is distinctive by the wide range of feedback. Highlight assesses the results the participant achieves, the decisions a participant takes and how they are taken.

the online version is considerably more efficient than the written simulations. The online Highlight takes half the time, and the reviewing is done in seconds. (A paper simulation is usually done in two hours and will cost you at least an hour to score.)

Using Highlight is objective because of the scoring of every person and every decision in the same way. Normation of Highlight is based on thousands of participants. On request, we also supply customized standards and reference groups.