Psychometrical In-Baskets and Tests

in-baskets for each management level

Assessment centers at each management level ask for different in basket exercises.
Which in basket exercise for your assessment center? Our customers work with a menu of three online in-baskets.

Lakeview is an in-basket which helps you to assess basic planning skills: planning, delegating, priority setting etc.

Management level: It is used for assessment centers on several levels. but most customers use Lakeview in assessment centers for first level management positions. Supervisors, planners etc. Participants may have secondary education and up: Community College levels or higher.

Takes 50 minutes in your assessment center. To Lakeview in basket for the assessment of planning skills …

Highlight is a much more complicated in basket . It is a complete exercise which assesses management performance. Planning skills are just one element in Highlight. You will also assess whether a participant takes the right decisions to attain several management goals. Goals are set for Financial targets,  Employee Satisfaction and Customer Service.  You will also get an insight in the ways a participant spends man-hours and money to reach these goals. Highlight determines the differences between managerial focus and actual skills and strategies .

Management level: Highlight is used for assessment of management and senior executives. Highlight is mainly used for the assessment of participants with secondary education and up: College or University degrees.
Takes 80 minutes in your assessment center.  To Highlight in basket for the assessment of management performance …

Utopia is a management simulation of a financial nature. Utopia is for the assessment of strategy execution. It helps you to assess decision-making, reaching goals and judgement skills. Utopia is mainly used in assessments for top management and high level specialists. Utopia is on a really strategic and analytic level and measures the effect of one’s decisions.

Management level: For the assessment of management in senior or strategic roles. Utopia is mainly used for assessment of participants with secondary education and up: College or University degrees.
Takes 90 minutes in your assessment center. To Utopia in basket for the assesment of strategy execution…

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